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Why Do I Need To Install Flood Vents?

Why Do I Need To Install Flood Flaps, Flood Vents?

FEMA Accepted Flood Prevention VentsEvery Home should install Flood Flaps Foundation Flood Vents. Our FEMA accepted flood vents may substantially reduce the destruction and damage to your home during certain flood events. You may even quality for a discount or reduced premium on your current flood insurance policy by installing our ICC-ES Certified flood vents.
Many homes meeting certain criteria require flood vents to be installed. In many instances you cannot obtain a mortgage without flood insurance.
The “lowest floor” used for calculations by the NFIP flood insurance premiums may be raised by installing proper openings and thereby lowering your insurance rates. You may want to check with your insurance agent to determine if you qualify for a discount on your existing flood insurance policy by adding Flood Flaps crawl space vents.
Contact Flood Flaps today at 843-881-0190 or [email protected] to find out how our flood vents can help reduce your flood insurance, and protect your home or business property from flood damage.

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About FloodFlaps

Our FEMA compliant flood vent products are designed to provide efficient relief from hydrostatic water pressure resulting from rising flood waters.

All Flood Flaps flood vents are ICC-ES certified to provide 220 sq.ft of enclosed area relief. Each flood vent is constructed of UV enhanced, durable, engineered ABS plastic that has undergone 2,000 hours of scientific lab testing, ensuring it’s durability and sustainability, along with a providing a great, handsome, clean, finished look on the exterior at an affordable price.

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