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Need a More Affordable
Flood Vent?

Flood Flaps® Engineered Flood Vents

FEMA Compliant Flood Vents

Need air circulation and flood coverage. Flood Flaps – Multi Purpose Series Flood Vent – Unmatched Value!

Get a budget estimate for your flood vent project

Need to prevent air circulation while still providing flood coverage. Flood Flaps – Sealed Series Flood Vent – Superior Performance!

Get a budget estimate for your flood vent project

Need to Protect your Garage from flooding. Flood Flaps – Overhead Garage Door Flood Vents – Protect 100%

Get a budget estimate for your flood vent project

Less Vents = More Savings

Our vents cover more square feet reducing the number of vents you need!

How your Flood Vents Work

Flood Flaps Advantage

All of Flood Flaps flood vents cover 220 sq. ft. of enclosed area. Each flood vent is constructed of UV enhanced, durable.

Up to 50% less expensive than competitors

Our Products are Up to 50% less expensive than other sellers.

FEMA Certified Engineered Flood Vents

Views Certifications

No additional parts or costly accessories

Our multiple depth offering eliminates the need for kits or extension sleeves

Zero preventative maintenance

Stainless products require costly preventative maintenance

Made in the USA

All of our Products are made locally in the USA.
Made in South Carolina.

FloodFlaps Promise

Flood Flaps offer a simple, affordable and energy efficient solution to protect structures from the potential destruction of natural disasters resulting in flooding. No other ICC certified or FEMA compliant flood vent can prevent air, moisture or insects from entering the enclosure through flood openings.

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