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Engineered vs Non-Engineered Flood Vent Openings?

Which is Better… Engineered vs Non-Engineered Flood Vent Openings?

Non-Engineered Flood Vent Openings:

Is simply measured by calculating the opening in the vent itself. It’s the amount of air – water flow or net open area. You will require more non-engineered openings than if the openings were engineered.

Engineered Flood Vent Openings:

You will require more non-engineered openings than if the openings were engineered.Is designed and certified by a registered engineer or architect as meeting certain performance characteristics describes in FEMA Technical Bulletin 1/Aug 08. An Engineered flood vent will need fewer vents to satisfy the requirements of the NFIP and FEMA.
If using an engineered vent then additional data must be provided. The “engineered openings must be certified by a design professional as having been designed to provide automatic equalization of hydrostatic flood forces by allowing for the entry and exit of flood waters.”
Flood Flaps manufactures and sells Engineered Openings, Foundation Flood Vents.

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Flood insurance is also limited in areas below the lowest elevated floor, depending on the flood zone and date of construction. These areas include:

  • Crawl spaces under an elevated building
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Enclosed areas beneath buildings elevated on full-story foundation walls that are sometimes referred to as “walkout basements”
  • Enclosed areas under other types of elevated buildings

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