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Engineered Foundation Flood Vent Solution

Engineered Foundation Flood Vent Manufacturer, Flood Flaps LLC, is a simple and affordable solution providing residents flood protection.
The Flood Flaps Sealed Flood Vent are capable of keeping outside air, moisture and humidity out of the conditioned area while still providing the required flood protection.
In the case where natural air ventilation is desired, the Flood Flaps Multi-Purpose Flood Vent are the affordable solution.
All of our FEMA accepted flood vents have been evaluated and approved by the ICC-ES (ESR-3560).
The Flood Flaps patented flood vent uses two rubber flaps to seal out air, moisture and humidity. The anodized metal grill will keep pests and debris out in non flood situations. As flood waters rise, the flaps and grill swing, allowing flood water to enter or exit the protected area, relieving the pressure from the foundation walls. We have 6 flood vent models in differing depth in each series of our flood vents.

Learn more about our maintenance free, rust proof engineered foundation flood vents, or email [email protected].

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