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What is the difference between non-engineered and engineered flood vent openings?

What is the difference between non-engineered and engineered flood vent openings?
Non-Engineered Flood Vent Openings:

  • Is simply measured by calculating the opening in the vent itself. It’s the amount of air – water flow or net open area. You will require more non-engineered openings than if the openings were engineered.

Engineered Flood Vent Openings:

  • Is designed and certified by a registered engineer or architect as meeting certain performance characteristics describes in FEMA Technical Bulletin 1/Aug 08. An Engineered flood vent will need fewer vents to satisfy the requirements of the NFIP and FEMA.
  • If using an engineered vent then additional data must be provided. The “engineered openings must be certified by a design professional as having been designed to provide automatic equalization of hydrostatic flood forces by allowing for the entry and exit of flood waters.”
  • Design requirements and specifications for certification statements are outlined in FEMA Technical Bulletin 1-08.

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