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How Flood Flaps Work

FF Vent Vent Operation Diagram
Flood Flaps flood vents are often referred to as:

  • Hydrostatic flood vents
  • Automatic flood vents
  • Engineered flood vents

Flood Flaps flood vents fits into a correspondingly sized opening in a building’s foundation. Flood vents are placed in the walls of the foundation of new construction, or they can be retrofitted into the foundation of an existing building, replacing the traditional air vents or static flood vents. Flood Flaps also has overhead garage door flood vents and fire damper kits for transitions that require products to meet building fire codes.
Flood Flaps flood vents allow water to enter or exit an enclosure. Our flood vent components are designed and patented to swing, from the top of the flood vent, in either direction (see image above). Unlike other static flood vents or traditional air vents, our swinging components prevent the build up of yard debris on our flood vent’s grill. Yard debris build up (as illustrated in the image below) can prevent water from flowing through static flood vents, which prevents the water from equalizing on both sides of the foundation. The lack of water equalization, or imbalance in hydrostatic pressure, can potentially lead to structural damage or possible collapse.

Source: FEMA Technical Bul 1, August 2008
Source: FEMA Technical Bul 1, August 2008

Flood flaps flood vents, unlike other steel products, DO NOT require any annual preventative maintenance. No rinsing, lubricating, or other cleaning is required with our products. We designed our flood vent products out of engineered ABS plastic. This is the key reason why our flood vents hold up against harsh climates and maintain their durability throughout their life.
Flood Flaps sealed series flood vents have been found to help maintain a constant temp in the 60’s (degrees Fahrenheit) within the crawlspace. It is believed that these sealed series flood vents help control temperature and therefore heating and air conditioning costs in the home or other building above the crawlspace. Growth of mold, fungus, and mildew is controlled in a sealed crawlspace equipped with Flood Flaps flood vents and dehumidification. Homeowners are sealing/insulating their garages more frequently now, for example, where they are storing furniture, documents, sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. in their garages and therefore want them temperature controlled.
Flood Flaps flood vents largely discourage small animals, such as rats, opossums, cats, raccoons, moles, snakes, lizards, and some insects, from entering the enclosed area.
For some applications, such as garage walls where horizontal space is limited, Flood Flaps flood vents can be stacked on top of one another.
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