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FFWF12TF Sealed Flood Vents Specifications


Flood Flaps, Model #FFWF12TF

FFWF12TF Sealed Flood Vents – Product Information:

  • FFWF12TF Sealed Series Flood Vents are engineered foundation flood vents perfectly designed for a conditioned enclosure, encapsulated crawlspace or garage application located within a floodplain.
  • This ICC certified series of engineered foundation flood vents are FEMA compliant, and assured to keep air, moisture and dust out of the conditioned enclosure, crawl space or garage while still providing efficient flood relief when necessary.
  • The two rubber flood flaps and grill remain in their secure position until forced open by flood waters, allowing water to enter or exit the enclosed area. Each flood vent has been evaluated to protect 220 sq. feet of enclosed area.
  • Other benefits include:
  • • Code, FEMA and FL Building Product compliant
    • Affordability
    • Can help reduce flood insurance premiums
    • 220 sq. feet of coverage per vent
    • Durable, rust resistant materials
    • No preventative maintenance requirements
    • Energy efficient | Air tight
    • 2015 International Energy Conservation Code
    • Simple to install, perfect for retro-fit applications
    • Clean finished exterior look
    • Interior trim accessory available
    • Perfect for commercial applications as well
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Custom configurations for larger applications available.

FFWF12TF – Product Specifications:

[column col=”1/2″]
Model #
Exterior Dimensions
Rough Opening
Enclosed Area Covered 
Recommended Installation Type
[column col=”1/2″]
15 5/8” W x 7 3/4” H x 12” D
16” W x 8” H
220 sq. ft.
Block w/ Brick Skirt

Flood Flaps Sealed Series Color Selection
Flood Flaps Sealed Series Color Selection
If your flood insurance is going up, Flood Flaps has the flood vent solution to bring it down! Ask you insurance provider how installing engineered flood vents may significantly reduce your flood insurance premiums.
Flood Flaps flood vents are certified by the International Code Council (ICC) to meet all NFIP flood insurance and FEMA requirements. They are also compliant with all building codes including the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone provisions of the 2010 Florida Building Code—Building and the 2010 Florida Building Code—Residential for structures.
Flood vents can help protect buildings in special flood hazard areas from damage caused by flood forces by allowing for automatic entry and exit of flood waters. If enclosure walls do not have flood vent openings, the pressure of slow moving water full of debris can cause the walls to fail and possibly cause the home or structure to collapse.

Contact Flood Flaps today at 843-881-0190 or [email protected] to find out how our FFWF12TF Sealed Flood Vents can help reduce your flood insurance, and protect your home or business property from flood damage.

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