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Flood Flaps FFNF08 Multi-Purpose Crawl Space Vents

Flood Flaps ICC ESR-3560Flood Flaps® FFNF08 Multi-Purpose Series of crawl space vents are certified to provide flood protection and air ventilation. These crawl space flood vents are perfectly designed for an enclosure or crawl space in a flood plain that desires natural air while still providing efficient flood relief when necessary. The patented grill remains closed and secure until forced open by flood waters, allowing water to enter or exit the enclosed area. Certified flood debris clearance is validated with a 5.75” opening when the grill is activated.Flood Flaps FFNF08 Flood Vents

Flood Flaps are a premier manufacturer of foundation flood venting systems and takes pride in having a FEMA Accepted and ICC-ES Certified flood vent product line.

Architects, Builders, Code Officials, Engineers, Homeowners, Insurance Agents, Realtors, and Surveyors are all turning to FLOOD FLAPS Foundation Flood Vents to protect homes from the devastation and destruction that floods can cause.

Flood Flaps crawl space flood vents are Engineered Openings and are certified to meet all Building Codes, FEMA Regulations, and NFIP Flood Insurance Requirements. We are fully committed to ideals of responsible corporate citizenship, and making efforts to educate consumers, design professionals, and government officials on floodplain management techniques.

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FFNF08 Multi-Purpose Crawl Space Vents – Product Information:
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  • These crawl space vents are perfectly designed for  an enclosure or crawl space in a flood plain that desires natural air while still providing efficient flood relief when necessary.
  • The FFNF08 crawl space flood protection vent is perfect for a block wall and stucco application.

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Contact Flood Flaps today at 843-881-0190 or [email protected] to find out how Flood Flaps FFNF08 crawl space flood vents can help reduce your flood insurance, and protect your home or business property from flood damage.

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About FloodFlaps

Our FEMA compliant flood vent products are designed to provide efficient relief from hydrostatic water pressure resulting from rising flood waters.

All Flood Flaps flood vents are ICC-ES certified to provide 220 sq.ft of enclosed area relief. Each flood vent is constructed of UV enhanced, durable, engineered ABS plastic that has undergone 2,000 hours of scientific lab testing, ensuring it’s durability and sustainability, along with a providing a great, handsome, clean, finished look on the exterior at an affordable price.

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