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Video Testing – Proof in Numbers

This is a video of the blower door testing proving how air tight Flood Flaps are verses the competition.
Flood Flaps Testing Report
Flood Flaps Sealed Series flood protection vents are perfectly designed for a conditioned enclosure application located within a floodplain. This series of Flood Flaps® flood vents is assured to keep air and moisture out of a conditioned crawl space, garage or other enclosed area, while still providing efficient flood relief when necessary. The patented rubber flaps and grill remain closed and secure until forced open by the pressure of rising flood waters, allowing flood water to enter or exit through the flood vent.
Flood Flaps Multi-Purpose Series flood prevention vents provide efficient flood protection and air ventilation to a crawl space or enclosure located within a floodplain. The patented grill, which includes an anodized metal screen to prevent pests from accessing the enclosure, will remain closed and secure until forced open by the pressure of rising flood waters, allowing flood water to enter or exit through the flood vent.
All Flood Flaps flood protection vent models cover 220 square feet of enclosed area and have a certified flood debris clearance opening of 5.75” (when the rubber flaps and grill are activated by rising flood waters).

flood flaps demonstratioon
Flood Flaps® Engineered Flood Vents, manufactured by Flood Flaps®, LLC, recently received an evaluation report (ESR#3560) from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), providing evidence that the Flood Flaps® Engineered Flood Vents Sealed Series and Flood Flaps® Engineered Flood Vents Multi-Purpose Series models meet code requirements. Building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, designers and others utilize ICC-ES Evaluation Reports to provide a basis for using or approving Flood Flaps® Engineered Flood Vents in construction projects under the IBC and IRC.

ICC-ES President Shahin Moinian explains why ICC-ES Evaluation Reports are so important. “Flood Flaps® Engineered Flood Vents can now reference the evaluation report to ensure building officials and the building industry that the product meets I-Code requirements,” Moinian said. “Building departments have a long history of using evaluation reports, and ICC-ES operates as a technical resource with the highest quality of product review for the building department. Final approval of building products is always in the hands of the local regulatory agency.”
ICC-ES thoroughly examined Flood Flaps® Engineered Flood Vents product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to ensure the product is code-compliant. Doug Davinroy, President of Flood Flaps®, said the report issuance was a culmination of years of testing and coordination. “This is a big milestone for our company and we know our high performance flood vents will benefit the building industry, communities and home owners worldwide. The ICC-ES report provides validation of the high-quality control, materials and processes that Flood Flaps® provides to the building industry” Davinroy said.
A nonprofit, limited liability company, ICC-ES is the United States’ leading evaluation service for innovative building materials, components and systems. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs) and PMG Listings provide evidence that products and systems meet requirements of codes and technical standards. ICC-ES also issues environmental reports verifying that products meet specific sustainability targets defined by today’s codes, standards, green rating systems and ICC-ES environmental criteria. ICC-ES is a subsidiary of the International Code Council® (ICC®).
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