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Flood Flaps Exhibiting at Southeast Building Conference #SEBC2015

Flood Flaps Flood Vents is exhibiting NOW (July 16-18, 2015) at the Southeast Building Conference #SEBC2015 in Orlando, Florida. Come visit us at booth 229! Stop by and register to win a golf putter.
Looking for an alternative to expensive, over engineered, stainless steel flood vents that leak air and require annual maintenance?? Flood Flaps flood vents are your solution!
Flood Flaps® flood vents help homeowners maintain an aesthetically pleasing look by protecting almost four times the amount of enclosed area that non-compliant vents protect. Each Flood Flaps® engineered flood vent covers 220 sq. ft. of enclosed area. Flood Flaps® flood vents are also stackable.
Flood Flaps® Sealed Series engineered flood vents can contribute toward achievement of credits for LEED-NC certification. Our flood vents use two rubber flaps to seal out air and moisture to ensure the enclosure remains conditioned and airtight.
Make sure to specify and install Flood Flaps® Sealed Series engineered flood vents into residential or commercial new construction plans.
Due to increased NFIP flood insurance rates from the massive Hurricane Sandy rebuild movement, flood vent retrofit projects are rapidly increasing for homeowners across the country. Once flood vents are installed, insurance agents are requiring
homeowners to get a new Elevation Certificate showing the home’s lower risk, which may result in a lower premium.

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