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Flood Vent Specifications – Flood Flaps Model FFNF05

Flood Flaps FFNF05 Multi-Purpose Flood Vent Specifications:

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Model #
Exterior Dimensions
Rough Opening
Enclosed Covered Area
Installation Type
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15 5/8” W x 7 3/4” H x 5” D
16” W x 8” H
220 sq. ft.
Stud Wall
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Flood Flaps FFNF05 Multi-Purpose Flood Vent – Product Information:

  • The Flood Flaps® Multi-Purpose FFNF05 flood vent is perfectly designed for a conditioned enclosure application located within a floodplain.
  • This ICC certified series of Flood Flaps® flood vent is FEMA accepted and assured to keep air and moisture out of a conditioned crawl space, basement, or garage while still providing efficient flood relief when necessary.
  • The two rubber flood flaps and grill remain closed and secure until forced open by flood waters, allowing water to enter or exit the enclosed area.
  • Certified flood debris clearance is validated with a 5.75” opening when the rubber flood flaps and grill are activated.
  • Flood Flaps crawl space flood vents are maintenance free.
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