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Flood Vent Specifications – Flood Flaps Model FFNF12

FFNF12 Flood Flaps – Flood Vents – Product Specifications:

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Model #
Exterior Dimensions
Rough Opening
Enclosed Covered Area
Installation Type

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15 5/8” W x 7 3/4” H x 12” D
16” W x 8” H
220 sq. ft.
Block w/ Brick Skirt

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FFNF12 Flood Flaps – Multi-Purpose Flood Vents – Product Information:

  • Flood Flaps® Multi-Purpose foundation flood vents products are perfectly designed for a conditioned enclosure application located within a floodplain.
  • This ICC certified series of Flood Flaps® foundation flood vents are FEMA accepted and assured to keep air and moisture out of a conditioned crawl space or garage while still providing efficient flood relief when necessary.
  • The two rubber flood flaps and grill remain closed and secure until forced open by flood waters, allowing water to enter or exit the enclosed area. Certified flood debris clearance is validated with a 5.75” opening when the rubber flood flaps and grill are activated.
  • Flood Flaps foundation flood vents are maintenance free.
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